Easy Click Base


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EASYClickBase is a ground-breaking synthetic sub-base system.

It Saves:

It reduces time, labour and costs. With less excavation, less waste disposal and less aggregate

It’s Strong:

The new and innovative EASYClickBase offers a new way to lay sub-base for strong patios, paths and driveways.

It’s Easy:

This lightweight, simple interlocking system is easy to transport and ideal for areas with restricted access.

Immensely strong, Extremely light, Amazingly versatile, Highly portable

EASYClickBase can be used in conjunction with any regulated depth of surface paving, including concrete, natural stone and porcelain products.

The unique design and strength makes it suitable for virtually any application.

Commercial Applications

  • Industrial Driveways and Parking Areas
  • Shopping Centres
  • Pedestrian Concourse

Residential Applications

  • Paths, Patios and Driveways
  • Balconies
  • Roof Gardens
  • Courtyards
  • Pool Decks
  • Confined Spaces
  • Restricted Access
  • Town and City Gardens


  • 200 Pieces / Pallet
  • 542 sq. ft. / Pallet


Features & Benefits

  • Immensely tough ABS construction.
  • Unique click system securely locks each tile and amplifies weight distribution across many tiles.
  • Lay in ‘brick bond’ style for maximum stability and strength.
  • Cuts easily with hand or circular saw.
  • Use half tiles to form straight edges (no waste).
  • Most paving types can be laid or glued directly onto EASYClickBase.
  • Paving can be secured in place by EASYEdging. Available in a variety of sizes to suit most paving styles, some of which can be bent around 90°.

Driveways and more heavy duty applications

A bound edge will be necessary to prevent sub-base migration.

EASYClickBase removes the need to replace tonnes of soil with tonnes of aggregate which saves time and money.


19.75” x 19.75” (without connector tabs)
20.75” x 20.75” (with connector tabs)
3/4” Thickness
200 Pieces / Pallet

General Install Process:

Excavation 4” (min.):

Compact Sub-Soil | Lay Non-Woven Fabric | 1” C33 Bedding Sand or HPB – #9 Stone Compacted | 1” EASYClickBase (Brick Bond Pattern) | Depth of Stone

  • We suggest filling top cavities of EASYClickBase pieces with bedding sand as reinforcement to help spread the load, and to limit polymeric sand used
  • Overlay / Extend pieces 6” beyond pavers 
  • Install panels in brick bond pattern perpendicular to direction of traffic
  • Fill in areas under EASYClickBase with aggregate as you install until pieces are perfectly level/solid
  • Heavier installs like hot tubs you might want to consider another 1-2” extra excavation depth
  • SubSoil may also be a consideration for deeper excavation – such as clay
  • Factor in pitch / run off in excavation
  • If installed in walled in area allow 1” beyond EASYClicBase for potential expansion
  • Start at least challenging section of install against foundation
  • Don’t over excavate
  • Understand your soil for proper compaction / excavating
  • Highly suggest using our Snap Edge Paver Restraint and PolySweep Polymeric Sand to secure paver
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