Abutilon Bella Select Mix


Sold in packs of 15 seeds.


Full Name: Abutilon x Hybridum ‘Bella Select Mix’

Colour: Mix

Exposure: Sun to Half Shade

Height: 40 cm (14 to 18 inches)

Usage: Flower Beds and Containers

Also called ‘flowering maple’ Bella shows large 7 cm bell-shaped blooms, produced on foliage resembling a maple leaf. All summer bloom, it is also a charming inside plant.
June to September

Large bell shaped 7 cm flowers. Blooms all summer.

A dual-use plant, Bella abutilon is a wonderful selection for garden containers in partial shade locations or as an indoor flowering houseplant in a sunny window. Can be grown year-round – not just Spring.

The compact and well-branched, 14 to 18-in. (35 to 45-cm) plants display large and showy, 3-in. (7-
cm),bell-shaped flowers which “look out” for a good show of color. Under cooler temperatures, flower colors intensify.
The light green, multi-lobed leaves are similar to the foliage of a maple tree.


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