LETTUCE New Red Fire


Sold in packs of 200 seeds

Lettuce – Leaf
Lactuca sativa
A feast for the eyes as well as for the palate. The most ruby red loose-leaf variety in our selection. New Red Fire produces a beautiful loose-leaf head, crisp and sweet, with proven bolt resistance. This lettuce can be grown in both cool and warm weather conditions without becoming bitter.
Ruby red
PLANTING TIME: Lettuce is the first crop of spring. Good resistance to cold allows it to be sown as soon as the earth can be worked. For an early harvest, sow in a cold or hot bed and transplant directly in May. Germination will be quicker and more uniform if the temperature is between 10 and 15⁰ C.
SOIL: A rich, well-drained soil is best.
SPACING: For the main harvest, sow directly in rows spaced 40 to 45 cm apart. Leave 20 to 25 cm between plants according to the varieties.
GROWING TIPS: It is helpful to add fertilizer high in nitrogen, decomposed manure or compost to the soil. Full sun is needed. The soil surface must constantly keep moist. To reduce weeds and keep soil cool, mulch it.
HARVESTING: Pick lettuce early in the morning. Firmness is an indication of readiness.
beet, cabbage, pea, radish, strawberry
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